Pop on by to our pop-up — I Dig Denim

Pop on by to our pop-up

September has become a month of many new additions. Our brand new look, our new website, the AW17 collection and last but not least – a new addition to the IDD-family in the form of a new born baby.

To celebrate allt this, we’re opening up a temporary boutique in the centre of our home town Gothenburg!

We’re calling it the “I Dig Denim Pop-up Shop!“ – (yeah yeah, we know…)

Anyways… We are very much in love with or little shop where we get to meet all happy shoppers. Pop on by and get to know us, and to grab your own denim!

Visitors of the pop-up shop also can take part of our vouchers that give a great discount in our web shop!

See you soon!