A little eco story — I Dig Denim

A little eco story

Tell us about the Little Eco concept

Little eco, owned by us, Maria and Linda, is a lifestyle store in Lindome outside Gothenburg, specializing in organic and non-toxic products. “But since we are also vanity, love wood, our color range extends between white and black and we ourselves found it difficult to find the combination ecologically-stylish-minimalist, so we’ve concentrated on just that – stylish and stylish organic products.”

Why do people visit LittleEco?

First of all, because we live in a fantastic house with incredible many creative people and unique stores, but also because it’s a completely different thing to touch and see these products live. They are so nice and in a fantastic quality. And such things do not appear in picture or text. We also have our online store littleeco.se which also reflects our style.

Why do you sell you I dig denim in your store?

I dig denim has been our absolute favorite brand for a long time and when we saw that your brand would start with organic clothes, we knew in a second that we would have it in our store. We are eagerly waiting for more of the collections to become organic so that we can expand the range. I dig denim’s clothes are just as we want clothes to be. They are a kind of mini variant of adult clothes, amazingly soft and lovely in the coolest design.

How did you get in touch with our brand I dig denim for the first time?

It was 2009 and one of us had just got baby and fine-grained the net after “adult clothes” made for children. Then I found I dig denim and got lost in love! Then it has just become a better and wider range and our children have grown up with these clothes.

We thank Little Eco for the chat. If you are interested in more of Little Eco, please visit them online at Little Eco and take a look at their inspirational Instagram @littleeco.se

Spinneriet is located in Lindome, outside of Gothenburg Sweden and is a historic building dating back to the early 19th century. Spinneriet is today a place where creative and productive tenants are gathered under the same roof. Our tenants consist of, among other things, photographers, designers, interior designers and bloggers. There is also a music studio and a preschool.

Several tenants run shops in the house, and there is also a restaurant serving delicious coffee and organic food.