Capturing a collection — I Dig Denim

Capturing a collection

The cool thing about kids is that they don’t have to try. They don’t have to find their edge.
They hang out. They climb stuff. Even in the grayest environments, their imaginations are hard at play. The floor is lava. The floor is the Pacific. Careful! It’s lava again. The sidewalks are theirs and they know the concrete. They’re not trying to be cool for the camera. They just are.


So to keep the focus on their mischevous minds, we shot our latest collection in the grayest, squarest place we could find.

Kolgruvan, or The Coal Mine, isn’t actually a coal mine at all, but an old chocolate factory turned creative space. And who better to shoot our kick-butt new collection at this amazing location than the talented Jonatan Fernström?  We gave him a call, packed up the new I dig denim SS18 pieces and let the kids do what they do best. Hang out. Climb stuff. Pretend the floor is lava. The kind of stuff a good pair of jeans lets you do. Looking cool was just a side effect.

Venue: Kolgruvan
Photographer: Jonatan Fernström
Creative direction / Art direction: This Is Scandinavia