A French adventure — I Dig Denim

A French adventure

Playtime is not only one of the most important words in the whole world. It also happens to be the name of a gigantic children’s trade show held every year in New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Paris. With over 530 brands in one place, there’d be loads of fellow creators to meet and customers to awe – the perfect event for I dig denim to inspire and be inspired. So we just had to baguette tickets and head to France for the Paris edition of Playtime 2017.

We stepped off the plane, not the slightest bit nauseous
Let the French sun shine on our Swedish washes
Showed the world’s parents and kiddos our jeans
Gathered heaps of inspiration IRL, not from screens!

Tired, happy and hungry for a bite
Clad in our denim, we set off into the night
Let Paris enchant us, that magical city
In our denim so comfy, our denim so pretty!

P.S. I dig denim’s very own Lisette managed to get her iPhone run over by a taxi one Parisian evening. The moral of this little story? It doesn’t take a wizard to turn an Apple into French toast.