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Meet the designer

It has been such a fantastic trip so far. Today I have the world’s best team and to head to work in the morning feels amazing! At our combined HQ and showroom located in the old airport terminal in Gothenburg, we have built a creative space that breathes our brand. In addition to our showroom, we have also opened up our “I dig denim studio” a physical store where we offer our collection joined by carefully selected complementary brands.

In my design process, I think a lot about the whole picture and on how to create a fantastic photoshoot, what feeling I wish to convey.

It’s first when I have a strong connection and clear statement of the collection that I find the right colors and qualities/fabrics that brings everything together.

To start on a new collection, to be able to create and design. This is the absolute best part of my work.

My life is cool, wonderful and intense, all at the same time! Running I dig denim demands me to carry I dig denim 24/7 and having a family is practically the same with a lot of activities with 3 kids.

Thankful to have such a strong team at I dig denim I am able to combine what I love the most!

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