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It all started in Autumn 2009. I created my first collection and built I dig denim with something I have loved and been passionated about since I was a kid myself – DENIM.

At first, my collection consisted only jeans for kids, and I remember being at @ciff for the very first time in 2010, among all the other well established brands and just loved being there! And my jeans was so welcomed by everyone coming by and I connected with stores I could only imagine of to work with! And so the story goes…. ⁠

10 years from that, here I am now, with my brand that developed from jeans for kids, to a denim brand with collections for baby, kids, teens and women selling worldwide!

I will never ever say it hasn’t been tough sometimes, but also, I have never ever stopped aiming high…⁠

What we are going trough now in the world is totally devastating for so many companies and so many brands and entrepreneurs that I know have the same goals as I do. This honestly breaks my heart! I have often encouraged challenges, even though this one is beating me hard.

But – I know for sure that I will never stop believing and never ever stop fighting and I know we will get back on track – that’s for sure! I cannot really tell in words how important you are for us, neither it is buying our products, liking us on Instagram, writing us a DM or selling our clothes in your store, it s all of YOU who keeps us going and we can promise that we will fight this and still aim high because I love what we have accomplished so far and will continue to do for at least 10 more years.⁠

With love⁠,⁠
Hanna – founder of I dig denim

2 thoughts on “Challenging”

  1. Hej Hanna!
    Emna här, vi möttes på Hede gör ngt år sedan när jag handlade i din pop up. Du kom ihåg mig från när vi var små genom astma & allergi föreningen 😀
    Jag ville bara säga hej och jisses vad snygga grejer du gör genom ditt företag 😀

    Kram Emna Östlingh

    1. Hej Emma!
      Vad roligt att höra från dig! Tack snälla för dina fina ord, dom värmer gott!
      Allt gott till dig,


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